1.    Infosec Consulting & Project Management

Information is an important asset in any organization, not the least in enterprises where it must be kept private, or comes from internal research and development. As nowadays information exists primarily in digital form, it is vital that every organization have security policies and procedures in place to maintain the integrity of the information.

Corvir provides your organization with professional and strategic consultation, covering all aspects of the Information Security project, from start to finish. Our services include requirements, solutions, implementation of systems and procedures, and more.

 Corvir successfully implemented InfoSec  projects in these fields:

  • Setting up a Cyber CSIRT/CERT in the organization.
  • Defining Security Policies
  • Defining Policies and Procedures for your social presence in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Cyber Threats Risk Analysis
  • Conducting Training Exercises for Handling Cyber Threats


2.    Implementation of Identity Management systems

Corvir provides full implementation and integration of IBM Security Identity Manager (Tivoli Identity Manager), CA IdentityMinder and CA GovernanceMinder systems.

 As part of the integration process, we review your organization, systems and procedures, gathering the necessary requirements. Once the review is complete, we provide you with a detailed design to ensure that all the procedures have been covered, and we begin with the implementation process, including Self-Service options, enabling users to submit their requests directly into the system.

 In addition to implementation, we also deliver IBM and CA certified courses on usage of these products in Israel and Europe.

3.    Search Engine Implementation

Corvir provides full implementation and integration of IBM® Content Analytics with Enterprise Search, which combines content analytics with the scale of enterprise search, into your organization’s systems.

 IBM® Content Analytics with Enterprise Search offers:

  • Enterprise Search capabilities – search content from multiple sources in your organization
  • Discovery of trends and relationships in your organization’s content
  • Advanced content discovery
  • Flexibility and integration with other IBM systems and solutions

 Once we review your existing systems and understand the necessary developments that need to be made, we provide you with a detailed design to ensure that all the requirements have been met, and we begin the implementation process.

4.    Information Security Consulting – Securing Web Applications

Web applications security is a huge field, with a number of issues to be solved and requirements that need to be met, and these issues and requirements usually differ from organization to organization.

 At Corvir, we have developed a holistic approach, that creates a tailor made security solution that covers both high- and low- level web application security, ensuring that all parts are integrated, taking into account performance requirements and of course, integration into your existing infrastructure. We not only design the security solution, we also develop and implement it in your system, providing you with a strong security solution.

  • Designing secure, multi-tier Web architecture
  • Design and implementation of strong Authentication & Access Control systems
  • Design and implementation of inline security mechanisms, such as FW, IPS, and Application FW


5.    IT Services Outsourcing

 Corvir provides you with a professional team that offers all the IT services your organization may require. Whether it is designing new infrastructure, developing security requirements, providing you with system administration services, or handling a unique aspect of your organizational IT requirements and procedures, our outsourced IT team has the knowledge and experience to meet every demand.