• A highly customizable XML configuration file
  • Supports various methods for fetching values from ITIM objects (Person, Roles, Policy, etc.):
  • Whole values
  • Substrings
  • Resolving DN pointers
  • Conditional based on matching values
  • Supports fetching object containers (OU) in various levels (i.e. a Parent of a Parent…)
  • Supports Virtually any ITIM Service (endpoint) when Reading or Writing Policy Information
  • Supports mixed Policies: Non-Resource values in Policy entitlements are not overwritten (e.g. an AD entitlement with both group and Display Name parameters- the display Name will never be touched)
  • Multi-Platform. Runs on Windows, Linux and Unix machines (tested on Windows 2003, Linux RHEL 5.0 and AIX)
  • Supports Remote operations—no need to install anything on the ITIM Machine.
  • Can work with CSV files or directly with RCM Database configurations (RCM DB integration only works when executed on a Windows machine with RCM installed)


Exporting ITIM data into an RCM Model

  • Create Users DB
  • Create Resource DB
  • Create Roles
  • Link Users to Roles
  • Link Roles to Resource
  • Update User Information
  • Update Role Information

Supported RCM Versions

  • R12
  • R12.3
  • R12.5 SP3

Importing RCM Model into ITIM

  • Create New Users
  • Modify User’s Personal Information
  • Modify User’s Roles
  • Transfer Users to Different OU
  • Create New Roles
  • Change Role Descriptions
  • Tranfer Roles to Different OU
  • Create New Policies
  • Change Role Membership in Policies
  • Change Policy Entitlements

Supported ITIM Versions

  • 4.5.1
  • 4.6
  • 5.0
  • 5.1