Welcome to Corvir IT solution expert

Corvir specializes in information security for medium and large scale organizations. In order to provide the best solutions to our customers we have partnered with leading vendors such as IBM, CA, Juniper Networks, VMware and more to provide services for all of your information security needs.

IBM Tivoli Identity Manager™ Rapid Upgrade Service
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Integration between IBM Tivoli Identity Manager™and CA Role and Compliance Manager™
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Our Concept

We treat information security needs as one holistic system.

In this system, ALL the components play together and integrate with one another, in order to achieve the best possible solution. The root of this concept is that we should stop separating the design of security components, components such as firewalls, SIM/SOC, Identity and Access management tools, OS Hardening, IPS/IDS, DLP, and so on. Instead we provide your organization with an overview of your information security needs, and provide architecture and design services to answer those needs on all levels. This does not mean that all components have to be managed by the same team. It DOES mean that the systems are designed as one big system, which has multiple components. In effect, there is one guiding hand that coordinates the teams’ work to ensure that the different components supplement and support each other.